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Kathleen is a highly-trained presenter and facilitator and incorporates fun, wit and wisdom into everything she does. You'll find Kathleen to be down-to-earth and easily approachable...creating a space of openness, intrigue and action for your audience.

Kathleen will work with your organization to create an experience for your audience that they will be talking about for years to come!

Here are some of Kathleen's the common presentations. Everything can be customized for your unique needs.

Joy as a Strategic Advantage: Uncover the formula to create results regardless of what's happening around you

You have the perfect plan, you’ve been up all night preparing and then the unexpected happens. How you react in this moment is the greatest indicator to your success in life and in business.


Kathleen Riessen discovered a pattern in the most successful, powerful and influential leaders. She studied thousands of leaders throughout her varied career as a certified public accountant, marketing strategist and transformational leader and coach.

What she learned was that these people practiced focusing on vision, diversification and the 4-step awareness process.


In this speech, you’ll learn what these are and how you can apply them to your life and your work so you can create the results you want.


Confusion to Clarity: Discover the Secrets to Bust Procrastination and Create the Life You Want with Joy and Ease

This 3-hour workshop is intended for groups of 70 or less and to create movement towards each attendee's goals whether personally or professionally. The premise of this workshop is how you show up anywhere is how you show up everywhere. Attendees of this workshop will create vision, accountability and committed action in their personal and professional lives by creating a vision for where they are headed, learning the importance of accountability and how to be and utilize an accountability partner and identify a single committed action they will take during a specific time period. Attendees coming out of this workshop are inspired, focused and driven.

The Need for Control: How to rid yourself of this silent killer and practice the art of surrender

Fight for what you want, control the situation to win, revel in being a force of nature.

This is what we learn as children. Yet the most effective strategy in business and life is the exact opposite.

Kathleen Riessen discovered a pattern in the most successful, powerful and influential leaders. She studied thousands of leaders throughout her varied career as a certified public accountant, marketing strategist and transformational leader and coach.

She found these people practiced surrender and embraced a life of joy - letting go of control, going with the flow, and pursuing a vision without conflict.


In this speech, you’ll learn the value and the art of surrender. Kathleen will teach you how to access surrender to support you in your personal and your professional life.

Communicate to Be Heard

Only 25% of the words that you say are actually heard by someone else. That means that 75% of the words coming out of your mouth are wasted. The challenge is knowing which 25% are meaningful.


So how do you speak in a way that you can be heard?


After practicing the art of communication while running a strategic marketing firm for 10 years, Kathleen Riessen sold the firm and studied transformational leadership under some of the top leaders in the world. She learned the art of style flexing - speaking to someone based on how they actually hear. When using this practice effectively, your words will land 100% of the time.


In this session, you will learn:


*The four-quadrant concept

*Where you are on the quadrant

*How to speak effectively with others that aren't in the same quadrant as you


Mastering style-flexing means you can say more with less words, your efficiency and effectiveness increases as you spend less time correcting mistakes from people not understanding you, you relate to those around you at a higher level, your team is in sync and every relationship in your life thrives because you can speak in their language.

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Kathleen is like a spark plug. She delivers practical motivational insight into how to live the life you want. Her delivery is on target and her energy is contagious. If you are looking to help your attendees achieve their personal and professional goals, then Kathleen is your spark.

— Teri Hamburger, Executive Direction American Advertising Federation of Omaha

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Kathleen is the motivational speaker that everyone needs. She has the unique ability to reach each audience member and deliver a powerful message that strongly resonates with every person in the room. Through her positive energy and genuine honesty, Kathleen actually inspires people to MAKE changes in themselves. Kathleen is incredible to work with and I would 110% recommend her to any group looking for someone to make a lasting impact.

— Jessi McQuerrey, Director of Programs, Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation

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Kathleen brought exactly what was needed to our annual conference - ENERGY! Her dedication to the conference and our committee’s planning was outstanding. Her efforts to know our organization’s history and audience were apparent throughout her keynote and workshop facilitation. You know a speaker has made an impact when attendees are asking to bring her back next year!

— Meggan Boyle, Meeting Planner, Iowa Association of Energy Efficiency

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Kathleen has presented multiple webinars for our alumni and friends. Her material and up-beat yet no nonsense presentation style appeal to alumni at all life and career stages. She is engaging and motivating which isn’t always easy when you’re not face to face with your audience. From a planning and coordination standpoint Kathleen is wonderful to work with! She’s thorough, quick to respond, flexible, and goes out of her way to make the process seamless for her clients.

— Amanda Demaris, Director of Community Outreach, Iowa State University Alumni Association

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