Back in 2008, I was six months pregnant with my first child and the world was on the verge of a recession. It seemed like the worst time to start a business but I did it anyways. My thought – I have nowhere to go but up!

As a former Certified Public Accountant turned marketing strategist, I had the business background and just enough confidence to think I could create something from nothing.

Those first few years were hard. A lot worked and even more didn't.

Then I hit my groove. We had two more kids, some near death experiences (yes, this happened multiple times with my husband and so many times for my youngest child).

In 2014 we bought two gyms and two martial arts studios. My husband left his job to work full-time on the gyms. In 2016, we bought another gym.

In 2017, nearly 10 years after starting my first business, I shifted my focus from consulting to coaching. I sold my first business, an advertising agency, and developed my coaching business.

Along the way, I learned a lot.

What I saw was that successful businesses had clear vision, direct messaging and clear packaging and pricing. They knew who they were going after and stayed strong in their leadership.

When I boiled this down, they all followed five simple steps.

I tested these five simple steps on all kinds of businesses in lots of different industries. It didn’t matter what type of business, the size of the business, or the length of time the business had been around – the results were the same.

These five simple steps work.

But I realized no one was teaching these five simple steps to entrepreneurs that hadn’t already hit $100k in annual revenue.

It was like a secret we in the coaching industry were all hiding for those that would pay us lots of money to learn them.

So, I decided to change that.

That’s why I created Profit Launch Club. And it’s all designed so you can create cash flow quickly. When I ran my agency and created strategic marketing plans for $30,000+, we would design them to produce short-term wins to pay for the long-term. I designed Profit Launch Club with that in mind. Plus, I'll teach you how to develop a strategic marketing plan too!

There’s only one rule – we get to have FUN!

In my past, I could make life hard. Now I’m committed to having FUN. How about you?

Join us in the Profit Launch Club. I’m excited to play with you!

Profit Launch Course

The first step in your journey is the Profit Launch Course. This online course will...


  • Introduce the five steps to building a six figure plus business with consistent income

  • Support you in getting rid of all the crap standing in your way

  • Give you actionable steps to grow your business

  • Lay the foundation for a sustainable and prosperous business

  • Lifetime access

Profit Launch Club

Once you complete the Profit Launch Course, the next step is the Profit Launch Club.


  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • Monthly personal coaching calls

  • Private Facebook page

  • Proven systems for running your business and growing your customer base

  • Scaling your business

  • Guest expert to teach you new skills

  • Community of other entrepreneurs

Profit Launch PRO

Profit Launch Pro is reserved for members who have achieved exceptional success in growing their business and are focused on scaling.


  • Weekly group coaching calls 

  • Monthly Success Club coaching calls

  • Monthly Mastermind Discussions

  • Private Facebook page

  • Guest experts to teach you new skills

  • Community of other entrepreneurs


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