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Hello! It's nice to meet you!

I am Mom to three boys, wife, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer and master disruptor.

Daughter and sister are the only titles I was given - the rest I earned. I had a vision of what I wanted my life to look like and I set out to create it.

It's certainly been a rocky road at times and I've had points where I've questioned my vision.


​I started my first business in 2008 while I was six months pregnant and the world was in the beginning of the GREAT RECESSION.

Those first three years were a learning curve every day. I judged myself based on the paycheck I would bring home. When it was big, I was a success. When it was small or nonexistent, I was a failure.

Then the business stabilized. Thank goodness!

In 2011 my husband almost died - for the first time. He got very sick very fast. We had a two year old and a four-month old and life felt like it was spinning out of control. I did whatever I could to get us through that experience.


When life seemed to be getting back to normal, I realized one of my business partners and I had different paths so we split and reinvented the business from the ground up.

The next year I had my third son and he almost died a bunch of times in his first year of life. I took him to 5 to 7 doctor’s appointments a week for an entire year! That year we grew 30%. I was exhausted but everyone was alive and the business was thriving.

Then we bought five other businesses - three gyms and two martial arts studios. My husband swapped traveling on a corporate jet for his gym clothes and became a full-time business owner just like me.

Then depression almost crushed our marriage. Not surprising - over 70% of executives suffer from depression! I didn’t know which version of my husband would show up making it hard for me to trust and rely on others.

At the end of 2017, I was exhausted. I was so busy serving others that I lost myself along the way. I was paying prices with my health. My blood pressure was so high a stroke was imminent.

So I quit.

I sold one of my businesses and set out to change the trajectory of my life.

It was working. I could see clearly how I got to serve the world and the impact I could make.

And then my husband was diagnosed with cancer.

It was do or die time. We’d been telling people to be senior to their circumstances and to stay in their visions and here was a circumstance that was pretty big.

I can tell you - cancer, for us, wasn’t that bad. Sure, it was hard and painful. We used the tool sets we learned, we surrendered, allowed our community to rise us up, love on us and support us.

Cancer became a blip on our radar.

Think about your life. How do you react when something around you irritates you or when a medical crisis occurs? How do you relate to the people around you? Are you a victim to your circumstances?

Think about your business. What culture are you creating? Is there bickering or support?

Do people have your back? Do you have other people’s back?

In life of business, it all comes down to the same thing - we get to be in our vision and hold each other in their highest.

When that is accomplished, you, your family, your friends, your co-workers and your community get to create exactly what you want.

Sounds simple? It can be. 

I am on this earth to support executives in creating exactly what they want for their organizations and for themselves. No longer do 70% of executives get to suffer from depression. We get to flip that statistic on its head!

Join me by checking out my radio show, my book Joy in Uncertainty or my coaching options!

I love you!