Leadership Growth Accelerator™

Building the next generation of business leaders

Is your organization doing enough to build the next generation of leaders?

Leadership development is critical to the success of any organization. Effective leaders have a direct impact on employee engagement, employee retention, attracting talent and ensuring the profitable longevity of the organization.

We have a global problem with leadership bench strength. In the most recent Global Leadership Forecast study conducted by Development Dimensions International, only 11% of surveyed companies rated their leadership bench strength as strong or very strong. Not only does this risk leadership transitions as current top leaders change companies or retire, but it also has a negative impact on how the organization performs today.

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Leadership Development Program

We've built the Leadership Growth Accelerator to accelerate the development of key and upcoming leaders.

This 12 month program is designed to instill the ten leadership principles using an educational and experiential approach that can immediately be applied to your organization.

The Leadership Growth Accelerator will fast track leadership growth and bench strength.

About the Leadership Growth Accelerator

The Leadership Growth Accelerator is a 12 month program built for leaders poised for increased responsibility and leadership within an organization. Participants should currently be leading teams and have some P&L responsibility.

The experience is comprised of three in-person sessions, monthly virtual learning modules, on-demand coaching, real world applications and accountability. We only accept 15-20 people per group.

We'll cover and practice the ten leadership principles:

  1. Start with vision

  2. Be a master communicator

  3. Intention before mechanism

  4. Set checkpoints and hold people accountable

  5. Build deep relationships

  6. All feedback is neutral

  7. Listen

  8. Be an obstacle hurdler

  9. Be a loving interruption

  10. Celebrate the wins

The Leadership Growth Accelerator is built on a foundation of emotional intelligence. Emotionally aware leaders are able to more effectively coach and communicate with their teams, leading to improved team performance. According to Psychology Today, training in emotional intelligence yields a 1,484% return on investment.

Receive constant feedback on what's working and what's not working in the way you lead


Be part of a community of solid, vision-driven leaders


Learn to effectively interrupt what is not working with your team


Master coaching skills you can apply directly to your team


Put what you're learning into action right away in your current work


Learn to hold people accountable in a way that is respectful and accomplishes the desired results

Key Benefits for Participants

Key Benefits for Organizations

Build your leadership bench strength


Challenge your up and coming leaders to drive the organization forward


Strengthen communication across the organization


Reduce employee turnover


Nurture the future executive leadership of your organization


Ensure focus on the vision of the organization

About the Lead Facilitator

Kathleen Riessen is an accomplished coach, facilitator and entrepreneur. She has the rare ability to work effectively in both right and left brain activities. In college, she majored in two vastly different subjects - Accounting and Advertising.


Her professional career started as a CPA and public auditor with KPMG. She then opened her own marketing consulting firm where she grew her team and client base for ten years.

While she was running her marketing firm, she began to take an interest in training, leadership and emotional intelligence. When she sold her firm in 2017, Kathleen embarked on a three-year journey to learn from some of the world's top trainers in leadership and emotional intelligence.


Now, Kathleen combines her business leadership experience with her extensive leadership and emotional intelligence training to support organizations in creating strong and compassionate leaders that know how to get results.

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Participant Requirements

The following requirements must be met by all participants:

  • Currently lead a team

  • Have responsibility for at least some of the P&L

  • Complete an interview with Kathleen Riessen

  • Commit to attending four in-person, 2-3 day interactive training sessions

  • Attend at least 8 of 10, two hour virtual live modules studying each of the 10 leadership principles

  • Complete the onboarding session and four 1:1 coaching sessions with Kathleen

  • Complete the suggested reading and movie list

  • Be a team with other group members

  • Play all out

  • Make the financial investment

Program Dates

January 2023 Session

January 17-19: First in-person session (Des Moines, IA)

April 12-14: Second in-person session (Des Moines, IA)

September 13-15: Third in-person session (Des Moines, IA)

December 13-14: Final in-person session (Location TBD)

Leadership Growth Accelerator Interest Form

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