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Kathleen Riessen – master disruptor—shows you what is possible even in what seem like hopeless, challenging and uncertain experiences, helping you see that the best is always yet to come.

Kathleen Riessen has had a lot of uncertain experiences in her life.


From starting her business while six months pregnant to navigating her husband’s TWO near death experiences, her youngest son’s multiple near death experiences and understanding her husband’s depression that nearly ended their marriage all while raising three kids, growing multiple businesses and volunteering on local and national boards.

Now she commits her time to supporting leaders in leading through uncertainty and trusting themselves.

This book is about creating a vision for exactly what you want and going after it.

Joy in Uncertainty shows you how you can be a parent, spouse, executive, volunteer, friend, neighbor and leader all while still being YOU.

Through Kathleen’s words, you can see the possibility in any situation even when what you are facing is hard or seemingly impossible. Using thought provoking questions and proven techniques, you’ll master these things:

-What your vision is for your life
-How to live on purpose
-How to create exactly what you want
-How to shift your mindset to focus on joy and ease

Every leader of any organization, human being or family gets to read this book and apply these lessons to their life.