MASTER DISRUPTOR (and darn proud of it)!

Kathleen will take you and your company to the next level

Leading a company through significant complexity and growth can be challenging. It can also feel isolating as your team is looking for you to have all of the answers.

I've led 7 of my own businesses through growth and positioning in the marketplace and I've coached and consulted with hundreds of executives doing the same thing.

My background as a Certified Public Accountant turned marketing strategist combined with my extensive experience in leadership development and emotional intelligence makes me the perfect advisor to have by your side.

I'm here to support you. Let's get started!


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what others are saying

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Kathleen is incredible at getting me to separate my goals from the craziness always swirling. I loved the opportunity to also meet with fellow members and get inspiration. I set a "stretch" business goal, and I'm now within spitting distance of meeting it. Thank you, Kathleen!

-Nora Crosthwaite

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I've been considering my branding packages and I added services to my site. I'm enjoying this new way of talking about myself and how I serve. I can say with certainty that you stopped me in my tracks and turned me around, not to the path where I was going, but toward a whole new way of viewing my impact.

-Claire Richmond

Marti Ouellette.jpg

I struggled with identifying what was blocking me in my life and in my business. Kathleen stood for my vision, called me forward when I wanted to retreat and supported me in realizing my own power. Kathleen is at the head of the pack, leading the way in times of struggle by setting the example and the epitome of “We can do hard things”. I highly recommend working with Kathleen in times of struggle and in times of growth as her ability to truly see opportunity where others see hardship is her superpower.

-Marti Ouellette

Our Services

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Executive Coaching is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners that are looking for another perspective, someone to ask tough questions, challenge the status quo and hold you accountable as you take your business to the next level.

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Speaking and facilitation is for organizations and companies that want to make a lasting impact on attendees and move business forward quickly.

Whether it's a private company, a trade organization or leadership summit, Kathleen has an incredible stage presence that will get your attendees motivated and excited to accomplish the next big thing.