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Great organizations are built by great teams. Teams that work better together help you retain your people, attract top talent, and provide the best service to your customers.

As an executive leadership coach and consultant firm, we work with service-based organizations as a leadership coach and consultant. When you work with Kathleen Riessen and Company you'll get quick results by optimizing your team's leadership and communication skills. Most of our clients see improved financial performance, greater innovation, better employee retention and happier customers. Over the last 17 years, we've worked with hundreds of organizations to build their teams and create opportunities for growth through a very simple process.

Leaders come to us when they know that their teams aren't working at their highest potential. Most of the time they have a gut feeling of what's happening, but aren't exactly sure how to articulate the problem or how to solve it. They turn to us for an outside perspective and a proven method to build great teams.



Team Dynamics Training And Assessment

This interactive training is designed to:

  • Get your team to see the bigger picture

  • Understand what common challenges slow down your team and reduce productivity

  • Introduce new language that your team can use to better understand and support each other

  • Learn how to set achievable goals and support each other to reach big goals together

We start with an initial meeting with you to understand the problem you're trying to solve. Then we meet with your entire team in a group setting to understand the team dynamic and provide you with a comprehensive assessment. After that, we work with you to design a custom plan to propel your team to greatness. Sometimes these first two steps are enough. Other times, leaders want additional training, consulting, and coaching.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed to support key leaders in:

  • Creating deeper relationships with your teams

  • Evoking the highest level of performance from your team

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of who each of your team members are and the growth areas for each team member

  • How you can act and lead each team member to perform at their highest

  • Learning proven strategies to create higher effectiveness, communication and happiness for you and your team

Executive Coaching is 1:1 and spots are extremely limited.

Leadership Growth Accelerator

The Leadership Growth Accelerator is designed to fast track the development of current promising leaders. The twelve month program teaches and applies the 10 principles of leadership using an experiential model.

Participants will directly apply what they learn to their daily responsibilities.​

This is a high-caliber leadership development program that will build the next generation of leaders for your organization.

Custom Team Facilitation

Every team has unique needs and sometimes it's beneficial to have an outside, unbiased, and flexible facilitator to support your team. Some of the most common requests include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Change management

  • Team alignment

  • Senior leadership disagreements

Contact us to discuss your specific facilitation need. If we can't help, we have a wide network of coaches, consultants and facilitators that may be a good fit.



Kathleen Riessen Photo

Kathleen Riessen is an executive leadership coach and consultant working with service-based organizations to grow their leadership teams.

She's had lots of titles in life - CPA, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Facilitator, Mom, Wife, Daughter. She started her career as a public auditor and Certified Public Accountant with KPMG. After being an auditor for several Fortune 500 companies, Kathleen set out on her own to start a strategic planning and marketing firm. She's owned a total of seven businesses in her career and, at one point, had over 130 employees.


After all of her business experience, she's come to realize that her gift to the world is supporting leaders like you in helping you define your vision and bring it to fruition through an empowered leadership team. Kathleen can help you see your blind spots and support you in unlocking the potential of your team through a fun and non-judgmental process.

In addition to her experience in running service-based businesses, she's spent hundreds of hours as a student, mentor and facilitator in some of the top transformational leadership training centers in the world.

You can catch Kathleen on her weekly radio show - The Kathleen Riessen Show - Pushing the Boundaries of Leadership.

If you're interested in helping your team work better together, let's talk!



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